Home Buying Tips

Are you in the hunt for a new home in the Billings area? Even if you’re not, these tips will help you when the time comes to make one of the biggest purchases of your life.

  1. Shop around for a bank or mortgage company that offers the products and loan types that best suit your needs (i.e FHA, VA, Conventional, first time home buyers, etc.).
  2. Get prequalified before you start your search. This helps you to establish a range or price point in which to start your search.
  3. Find a realtor that you feel comfortable with and has industry knowledge. (I’m always happy to help!)
  4. Create a wish list of criteria that you are looking for in your new home. This can contain things such as schools, locations, amenities, size and style.
  5. Let’s find your home. Keep a watchful eye on the market and check for emails from your agent with potential homes meeting your wish list qualifications.
  6. Once you’ve found THE home, you need to hire a qualified and licensed home inspector. It is important to know the conditions of the home before you purchase. This is also another great area where your agent can negotiate on your behalf.
  7. You will want to also shop around for a homeowners insurance company around this time. Make sure the home insurance company is able to insure this property. Share this estimated quote with your lender so they can give you a more accurate depiction of your mortgage payment.
  8. During this period of time your lender will be working on your loan as well as sending an appraiser out to the property.
  9. With just a few days out from the closing, be sure to change all utilities into your name.
  10. Make sure your drivers license is up-to-date and handy for closing and whatever else your lender requires.
  11. And just like that, you’re a home owner! Congratulations!